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Biz MD Awards

2009 Financial Services Champion

The Biz MD has been awarded the U.S. Small Business Administration's Financial Services Champion award for the City and County of Honolulu. Learn More



2000 Turnaround Management Association Award

Mike Hulser has been awarded Turnaround of the Year Award by the U.S. Turnaround Management Association. Learn More



Testimonials on behalf of the Biz MD

"Having Mike Hulser and The Biz MD team aboard is like hiring not only a CFO but another 'owner' wholly committed to driving results and profits for the business.  The Biz MD has had an immense role in the financial success of our business.  If cash flow and a weak bottom-line is your challenge,  I sincerely recommend you give The Biz MD a try… now!"

- Michael A. Han, President, The Wedding Ring Shop


"It is hard to get really effective financial help. Over the years, we've used lots of consultants, but Mike and The Biz MD drive results and are at the top of their class. There is no reason to fly in mainland consultants with The Biz MD right here in Hawaii. There is no consultant here that can create value and educate your business like The Biz MD can. Our entire organization is financially more competent today, thanks to Mike Hulser."

- Kent Untermann, Owner, Pictures Plus


"At first I was impressed with Mike’s thoroughness of his initial written “temperature check” of our business. It is impossible for me to quantify how helpful Mike has been. He is an integral part of the survival, growth and success of our business. It is an honor to work with someone of Mike’s caliber. He is able to make very complex and intimidating financial information relevant and understandable to the lay person. Mike meets with our ownership and the executive managers on a weekly basis, and though our meetings are often intense, we invariably end up laughing more than once."

- Layla Dedrick, Owner, Bella Pietra


"Mike dramatically increased our ability to compete in today's marketplace. His ability to quickly understand our financials drove immediate improved results. Mike will help you stay on the straight and narrow path of running a business correctly."

- Bruce Okimoto, Owner, T.OKI Trading


"The Biz MD quickly analyzed our financial performance, showed us how and where we could sharply improve and then helped us implement effective measures to improve our Profitability and Cash Flow. The financial return to the firm was a nice multiple of the cost of The Biz MD."

- Peter Vincent, Managing Partner, Peter Vincent Architects

"I love breaking the goals down into specific weekly units – they can know just how they are doing all the way through the month – plus seemingly more manageable goals. Each week it is obvious that you have really done your 'homework' and done a very thorough analysis."
- Mary Sunderland, Owner, James & Sons Jewelers

"The Biz MD quickly gained an understanding of our financial performance and position and mapped out several specific strategies to improve Profitability and Cash Flow. He did not stop there, however. He then led us through the implementation of an effective Management Process, to get our Management Team aligned and fully informed and sharply enhance our ability to “get the job done"

- Diana Allen, CEO, Hansen Distribution Group


"Mike looks at things with a fresh perspective which is very beneficial for a small 'one owner' company."

- Koji Minami, Owner, Local Motion