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We stake the reputation of The Biz MD on this – work with us and your Financial Performance will improve. It’s that simple.
The Biz MD has developed several effective consulting packages, any of which will improve the Profitability and Cash Flow of your business. The options available to you:

Advice and Counsel

For as little as $500 per month, you can have unlimited telephone and e-mail access to The Biz MD, for answers to your business strategic and tactical questions. Management and Financial Practices, Cash Management, Business Structure and Organization, Management Process, Human Resource Practices, Executive Coaching – All are readily available to you.

Advice, Counsel and Financial Results Review

For as little as $1,000 per month, in addition to the above, we will review your monthly Financial Results (Financial Statements) and discuss with you:

  • What we see.
  • What we don’t see, that you need.
  • How we analyze the data, to maximize your understanding.
  • What you need to focus on.

Diagnostic Assessment

For as little as $3,000 (Smaller, single line business. Larger, more complex businesses will, of course, cost more), The Biz MD will conduct a thorough Assessment of your:

  • Financial Performance and Position.
  • Management and Financial Practices.
  • Organization Effectiveness.
  • Management Process.

You will receive a written, fact based report, specifying opportunities to improve your Financial Performance. The Biz MD will review the report with you.

Assessment and Action Plan Implementation

The Biz MD will be happy to follow up on the above Assessment by guiding or actually driving (Client preference) the implementation of the recommended Action Plans. This can leave the business Owner or Manager free to focus on what they do best (Selling, Designing, Marketing, etc.). This service can be provided for an affordable Monthly Fixed Fee.

“Your CFO”

The Biz MD actually provides Financial Leadership for your Company. For an affordable Monthly Fixed Fee, you get the ongoing strengths of a heavily experienced Chief Financial Officer and Controller/Cash Manager [read more].

Project Based Hourly Consulting

Whether it is building a Business Plan, formulating a Business Loan Request or implementing a new Compensation Program or Cash Management Mechanism, The Biz MD can “get it done” quickly and effectively.

It is easy to do business with The Biz MD. Please see the sample Engagement Letter (below) – No fixed contract periods or pages of legal verbiage. We effectively do the work, for as long as the Client wants it done.

Sample Engagement Letter


"The BizMD has been a driving force in the continuing success of my business, Q Laser Center, LLC."

- Anita L. Clemente, Owner, Q Laser Center & Co-owner, Fashionista's Market