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Our services include:

  • Your CFO
  • Interim or Part Time Executive Management
  • Management and Financial Consulting
  • Turnaround Consulting / Crisis Management
  • Management Team Training
  • Business Valuation

Your CFO

Chief Financial Officer services for small companies

Your CFO is our leading service and it enables small businesses to have access to a heavily experienced Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost. An affordable monthly fee secures Your CFO’s services “24/7”, via sharing Your CFO’s capacity among a group of small companies. There are no contracts, no expensive perks or fringe benefits costs, no “paying for unused capacity”. Your CFO continues to serve at the pleasure of the client company. All Gain, No Pain. All Upside, No Risk. Your CFO’s primary objective is the sustained growth of Profitability and Cash Flow. Summary of services provided by Your CFO:

  • High level financial advice/counsel/guidance.
  • Financial aspects of business strategy formulation.
  • Financial model development and implementation:
    • Long Range (five years or more) Plan
    • Annual Monthly Budget
    • Potential Project/Program Analysis
    • Profit and Loss, Capital Requirements, Cash Flow
  • Structuring of Actual Results Reporting, composition and timing.
  • Analysis of Actual Results, comparison to Plan and Prior Periods, highlighting of variances and opportunities, definition of appropriate action plans to improve Results:
    • Sales and Margin Improvement
    • Operating Expense Control
    • Inventory Turnover Improvement
    • Payables Management
    • Receivables Collection
  • Effective Management Process Recommendation
  • Banking Relationship Management
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance
  • Information Systems Assessment
  • Business Structure Assessment, Human Resource Planning/Management/Compensation
  • Executive Coaching, Management Team Training


Interim or Part Time Executive Management

  • Primarily CEO/President, CFO or COO roles.
  • Fills the need caused by a Crisis or Turnaround situation, an unexpected departure of a Key Leader or simply the desire to bolster business financial performance.
  • Will build stronger alignment of business and personal objectives.
  • May include:
    • Restructuring, Acquisition, Disposition or Recapitalization initiatives.
    • Formulation of appropriate VISION-MISSION-VALUES.
    • Formulation and effective execution of Business Strategy and supporting Key Programs and Initiatives.
    • Design and implementation of effective business processes, policies and procedures.
    • Management Team Training.


Management and Financial Consulting

  • Comprehensive assessment of the current state of the business.
  • Identification of opportunities to improve Profitability and Cash flow.
  • Formulation of appropriate action plans to capitalize on the opportunities.
  • Implementation of efficient business processes and relevant Key Metrics to drive effective execution.
  • Development of detailed Financial Plans (Budgets, etc.) and timely and accurate reporting of actual results to drive business financial performance.
  • Implementation of effective Human Resource processes – Compensation, Goal Setting, Development, Assessment – to facilitate and support achievement of desired results.
  • Management Team Training.


Turnaround Consulting / Crisis Management

  • Analyze recent historical Profitability and Cash Flow and formulate accurate Financial Projections.
  • Identify and define all major constituencies, agendas and perspectives.
  • Formulate appropriate strategies – Restructuring, Asset Sales, Liquidation, Recapitalization/Refinancing – to improve Profitability and Cash Flow and communicate to major constituencies.
  • Implement an effective Management Process and relevant Key Metrics.
  • Formulate, execute and track supporting action plans.
  • Manage Key Relationships – Owners, Investors, Lenders, Management, Employees, Suppliers.


Management Team Training

  • RESULTS Orientation:
    • RESULTS versus Activities
    • Effective versus Efficient
    • Important versus Urgent
    • Objective and Goal Setting – “SMART” Model
  • Time Management:
    • Delegation
    • Personal Planning, Execution
    • Alignment of Effort with Desired Results
  • Communications:
    • Listening
    • Questioning
    • Paraphrasing and Summarizing
    • Constructive Feedback
  • Management Processes:
    • Planning
    • Organizing
    • Directing
    • Controlling
  • Situation Appraisal:
    • Delegation
    • Making Decisions
    • “Protecting the Plan”
  • Group Problem Solving:
    • “Whole Brain”
    • Non-confrontational
    • Time and Effort Efficient
  • Use of Key Metrics:
    • Quality, Delivery/Speed, Cost
    • Trend Analysis, Benchmarks
  • Interpreting Financial Data:
    • What’s Important – Content and Timing
    • Trend Analysis, Benchmarks


Business Valuation

  • Determine the Fair Market Value of a business
  • Competitive analysis
  • Intellectual Property valuation
  • Assets valuation
  • Financial statements review
  • Multi-year analysis, showing increasing / decreasing revenues / expenses / profitability
  • Comprehensive, independent valuation report


"Mike's cash flow analysis will insure that there are no surprises and help in making good solid decisions."

- Bruce Okimoto, Owner, T.OKI Trading